Trade idea: technology stocks with an indicative coupon of 11.59% p.a.

Just a few weeks ago, US technology stocks underperformed compared to cyclicals. Now a performance turnaround seems to be in the making after the crash in mid-February. In the meantime, the tech index Nasdaq has recovered.

A look back at similar index corrections from the past shows that an investment in tech stocks has paid off after a Nasdaq crash. After a 10% decline, the 100-day return has usually been positive and that since the great financial crisis of 2008.

The Nasdaq correction is therefore a good opportunity for investors who want to invest in technology. Find out more in our current conviction list:

Thematic Investments: Conviction List

Furthermore, the development offers interesting investment opportunities. The focus is on the following three US stocks in particular:

  • Salesforce: the enterprise software developer offers one of the best long-term success stories in the software sector.

  • Nvidia: Nvidia is a leading developer of graphics processors and related software. The use of artificial intelligence and deep learning offers interesting growth opportunities. 

  • AMD: higher demand for semi-conductor products such as microprocessors or chipsets makes AMD an interesting title for investors.

Below we present our indicative opportunity that may be of interest to investors:



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