Vontobel Celebrates One Year of Successful Collaboration with Luma Financial Technologies

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Vontobel is pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of its collaboration with Luma Financial Technologies, a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions.

This partnership has been instrumental in improving the product offering on the deritrade platform. Luma provides a standardized integration process for third-party issuers, allowing deritrade to focus on core platform development. This partnership strengthen the position of deritrade as a leader in technological innovation for Structured Products and delivers a cutting-edge technology .


A Year of Benefits for deritrade Users

  • Expanded Choice: Clients benefit from a broader range of issuer for the various pay-offs on deritrade. Last year, the offering was expanded from the issuers UBS, LUKB, SOC and ZKB.
  • Seamless Experience: Third-party issuers offering products on deritrade benefit from the advanced API technology from Luma, ensuring smooth connectivity.


Vontobel and Luma are committed to further enhancing the deritrade platform

In the coming months, we will further expand the issuer offering for Dual Currency Notes and Discount Certificates on deritrade. 

As we are constantly striving to further expand our platform deritrade in order to provide our clients with the greatest possible convenience as well as a broad product offering, we are excited about the possibilities this collaboration unlocks for our clients. 


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