Vontobel’s deritrade platform expands offering

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  • EFG will join as an issuer on deritrade, a leading multi-issuer platform for external asset managers and banks to issue Structured Products
  • deritrade expands its offering to customized counterparty credit risk with issuer Opus
  • Vontobel offers white-labelling services along the entire value chain of Structured Products for the new issuers

Vontobel is entering into a cooperation with EFG and Chartered Investment for the production and distribution of Structured Products. The cooperation covers white-labelling services along the entire value chain of Structured Products. Starting first week of April 2024, Structured Products issued by EFG International Structured Finance (Luxembourg) will be available on deritrade. As part of this cooperation, EFG will access Vontobel’s technology platform and expertise in structuring, pricing, issuing, trading and lifecycle management services.

We are pleased to welcome EFG as our new white-labelling partner and issuer on deritrade. This partnership strengthens Vontobel’s position as a leading provider of Structured Products. We are committed to providing our investors with the broadest and most competitive offering.” says Otto Huber, Head of Structured Solutions & Treasury at Vontobel.

Furthermore, Vontobel and Chartered Investment Germany GmbH, a capital markets solution provider regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), are launching a new production and issuing solution for Structured Products. In partnership with EFG as the pilot user, this new solution is open to additional partners looking to diversify their refinancing activities with Structured Products without holding derivatives on their books.

Opus (Public) Chartered Issuance S.A., Luxembourg, will join deritrade as an issuer of Structured Products. Opus will invest the proceeds from the Structured Products issuance in financing instruments of different funding partners, as per selection of the deritrade client, hence, offering investors tailored counterparty exposure. The Luxembourg Securitization framework will allow additional funding providers to enter the structured products market. Investors will benefit from further diversification and additional funding partners.


We are constantly striving to further expand our platform deritrade in order to provide our clients with the greatest possible convenience as well as a broad product offering. 

Therefore, we continuously invest into the development of deritrade and strengthen its position as leading Multi Issuer Platform in the Swiss market. Thereby EFG Bank joins a wide range of issuers  offering Structured Products on deritrade and substantially contributes to the further development of the platform. EFG will start with Autocallables & Issuercallables. Fixed maturity (B)RCs will follow in a second step within Q2. 


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