Strike while the iron is HOT - Low Volatility

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On the back of our trade idea from Wednesday and the associated interest on the back of this one, we would like to show you one more idea where investors can take advantage of the general low implied equity volatility in the market (by buying volatility) and high interest rates (SARON at decade high). 

In an outperformance certificate the investor is selling an at-the-money put at 100% and buying more than 100% upside via call options. Generally this allows the investor to be long volatility. Moreover, as the tenor is fixed (1 year in our case) the investor is locking in 15 year high interest rates (in CHF in our example, but also applicable for other currencies).

In this context, we present the following opportunity:  Outperformance Certificates  


Historical prices normalized to 100


Source: Vontobel, 08/09/2023


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