News on the “Bestseller of the month”

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At the beginning of each month our registered deritrade users will receive the “Bestseller of the month” newsletter, in which we compile the most popular structured products of the previous month for them.

We are continuously working on improving the evaluation process. We now identify the most popular structured products within different customer segments so that the users can immediately see which structured products have been traded most in the relevant customer segment. Segments that we currently analyse are, among others, External Asset Managers, private banks as well as cantonal, regional and savings banks.

Barriers and strikes taken into account

Not only are we constantly expanding the universe of product types, the evaluation is much more than a ranking of the most popular underlying assets, as it also takes into account barriers and strikes, which refer to the median of the traded products. This enables the users to see which structured product with a particular barrier has been traded most in the past month.

The comparison with the previous month indicates whether the structured product has become more or less popular or whether it is a new addition.

The next edition of “Bestseller of the month” will be sent in a few days’ time.

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