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deritrade is the leading multi-issuer platform for external asset managers and banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Tailor-made structured products

When using the platform, you can simulate structured products from different issuers (Basler Kantonalbank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Société Générale, UBS, Vontobel and Zürcher Kantonalbank) with a single mouse click and thereafter subscribe a structured product of your choice; starting from an investment volume of CHF 20,000.-. Together, the issuers on deritrade represent over 70% of the traded volume in structured products on the stock exchange in Switzerland. In the sense of an open architecture you can decide for yourself which structured product you would like to obtain.

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How to issue a structured product on deritrade.

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News by Cristina Zanetti

derihorse Picture of the Year

Some derihorses have travelled South, others have been stored indoors for the upcoming winter season and are entering a well-deserved hibernation period. As the last days of summer leave us behind, we would like to take this opportunity and announce the winner of the #derihorse Challenge.

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News by Thomas Stadler

Customer Centricity

Digitization is leading to new client relationship benchmarks. Customer centricity is pivotal for this: it can substantially improve the quality of advice when it is combined with digital issuing platforms.

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News by Marc Fankhauser

Libra: Do banks have to fear the Facebook currency?

Mark Zuckerberg has shocked the banking world with the announcement of Libra. With the new digital currency, the Facebook founder could suddenly become a serious competitor for traditional banks. Financial institutions will now have to wait and see—and pick up clients even more from where Facebook operates: in the Internet.

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