News: Minimum Investment Size Reduced to CHF 10,000

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The Democratization of Structured Products: Minimum Investment Size Reduced to CHF 10,000

The reduction of the minimum investment size is a development empowering you to bring the benefits of structured products to a wider array of investors. Brace yourself for a wave of democratization as we further unlock the potential of structured products for you.

We firmly believe that democratizing access to structured products is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and dynamic investment landscape. With the minimum investment size reduced, you can now offer a wider clientele access to the captivating world of structured solutions. 

We understand that you play a crucial role in guiding your clients towards sound investment decisions. By lowering the minimum investment size, we are heralding an era of inclusivity, where more investors can benefit from the unique advantages of structured products. This change allows you to further strengthen your value proposition by offering structured products as a strategic investment tool to a broader range of investors. It is an opportunity to support your clients achieve their investment needs more effectively.

By using our platform deritrade you hold the key to expand your offerings, strengthen client relationships, and contribute to the growth and success of your institution, and this reduction in the minimum investment size amplifies your value proposition, allowing you to equip a broader range of investors with the strategic prowess of structured products. 


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