"Buy 2 get 1 free"

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In a few days it will be that time again, and the online shops will once again be luring customers with high discounts. Black Friday and CyberWeek are just around the corner, with Christmas not far away.

A few years ago, these offers usually only lasted a few days. But these days there is hardly a shop that can afford not to take part, and the promotions often extend over two weeks. One of the shops that every consumer probably thinks of is Amazon.

While many industries have suffered greatly from the Corona pandemic, many marketplaces have experienced an almost golden time. Even after the lockdown, theshopping behavior of many customers continued to shift to the digital space.

In Europe and America, Amazon is the first port of call for online shopping. However, Amazon is much more than just an online mail order company. With its AWS cloud division, Amazon was able to increase net sales by 12 percent to USD 22.1 billion in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. The cloud area already accounts for around 16.5 percent of total sales. The most important market is the North American segment with net sales of USD 82.5 billion.


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