Digitalization of the investment world: Why deritrade is leading the way

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Vontobel, Leonteq, Credit Suisse, or ZKB: Platforms for structured products have mushroomed in recent years. Vontobel in particular has driven the digitalization of the financial world in recent years with its deritrade issuing platform. Peter Camenzind sums it up:

“The digitalization trend is unbroken for structured products. While overall just over half of products are now traded via deritrade, the digitalization rate in the banking client segment in Switzerland has increased to more than 85% this year — and the trend is still growing.”


Not even the coronavirus crisis could stop the growth of the platform business. On the contrary: Investors widely seized the opportunity to optimize their returns with structured products. Last March, for example, set a monthly record of CHF 52 billion, according to the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA). Due to the extremely volatile market, it was easy to get high coupon payments in the “coronavirus” spring.

At the same time, inquiries about digital structured platforms such as deritrade increased. These platforms are used in particular for simulating and issuing requested products. Investors have almost unlimited options at their disposal. For return-optimization products in particular, algorithms are used to achieve the best possible risk/return ratio. This allows the investor to filter out the best combination of various underlyings for the construction of their desired product.

This is how deritrade ensures a distinctive client experience in the investment world:

  • Create a customized structured product with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Get binding price quotes from various issuers within seconds.
  • Issue the product directly from an investment of 20,000 francs or more.
  • Fully automated processes including clearing, settlement, and lifecycle management.
  • Over 120 banks, 600 external asset managers, and 6,200 users carry out investments via deritrade.

deritrade by the numbers

  • Time saving of 80%: Significant time savings for Relationship Managers when issuing, purchasing and processing structured products.
  • CHF 0.– expenses: deritrade is free to use for clients. The issuer incurs a customary transaction fee upon conclusion of the deal, which has already been priced into the price quotation.
  • Yield increase of 2.52x: Proven revenue growth at Swiss private banks—3 years after the launch of deritrade.
  • Recommendation rate of 90%: After the launch of deritrade, 9 out of 10 specialists support the platform. Prior to that, 6 out of 10 opposed it.
  • 95% CA Power: 95% of client advisors feel empowered by using deritrade and achieve their goals faster and more effectively. .

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