Value added for your clients

deritrade marks the expansion into a Multi Issuer Platform, on which products of up to eight selected issuers can be created and implemented in a matter of seconds.

The result is a marketplace for tailored structure products that is the only one of its kind in the world. Simple, web-based access opens up new opportunities for relationship managers, delivering tailor-made investment solutions with maximum price transparency.


More market, more competition, more return

deritrade makes it possible to respond quickly to the latest market developments and clients' specific investment needs. Being able to choose the most suitable offer opens up financial advantages.

Let's say you have an opinion regarding the market and want to invest in a certain underlying, but you also want the solution to match your risk appetite as precisely as possible. Based on the parameters you select, your relationship manager can simulate the resulting product terms – as often as you want, calling up offers from several issuers directly.

How this works

To take an example, the following product was simulated on 12 September 2017

Details of your quote request:

  • Investment 100'000 CHF
  • Underlying Novartis (NOVN VX Equity)
  • Product type Barrier Reverse Convertible
  • Duration 1 Jahr
  • Strike 100 %
  • Barrier 80 % continuous


Details of the offers:

The difference between the lowest and highest coupon is 0.98 %, and the possibility of choosing the best offer therefore delivers financial advantages. With an investment amount of CHF 100,000, the advantage to the investor would be CHF 980, or 26.1 % in relative terms.


This example gives a simplified illustration of the differences. We have deliberately not factored in differences such as the credit rating of the issuers.


These investment products adapt to the client's needs – not the other way around

More than ever before, investors expect investment solutions to be ideally tailored to their personal requirements such as yield targets and risk appetites. deritrade Multi-Issuer-Platform allows the investor to be the architect, working with their relationship manager to build their own product.

«You can be the architect, working with your relationship manager to build your own product.»

Once the relationship manager and his or her client have designed a product and the client has decided on an offer, the relationship manager can implement this in a matter of seconds with a click of the mouse – and from a minimum investment of just CHF 20,000. The product will be produced to order and delivered by the chosen issuer as quickly as possible.


deritrade® MIP – convincing advantages

Price transparency

You can compare various issuers' offers for a given product at the click of the mouse, and so get an overview of the market.

More return

Conclude the product with the issuer of your choice, and so achieve higher yields on average.


While the price is important in the decision-making process, it's not the only factor. Clients often want to spread the issuer risk. Diversifying across different issuers has never been easier.


Create your own product together with your relationship manager. Waiting times are a thing of the past.


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